ACS Award for Achievement in Investigative Journalism
ACS Award for Achievement in Investigative Journalism

This year's presentation will debut the new ACS Award for Achievement in Investigative Journalism, which has been launched in conjunction with the Australian Computer Society, and comes with a $2,000 cash prize for the winner.

The award will recognise a piece of journalism that demonstrates that it has gone beyond the surface a story, and dug into the underlying issues of a relevant technology topic.

Entries for the award (either a single piece or a series) must be more than 1,200 words or more for written pieces, or five or more minutes in length for audio and video content. Only one submission can be made per journalist or editorial team that produced the work, so choose your best wisely.


Subject Matter: Judges will score the subject matter out of 10, based on originality, importance, general interest and usefulness.

Insight: Judges will score the articles for insight out of 10, based on accuracy, the value of the insights, the quality and relevance of the sources/opinions.

Content Quality: Judges will score the articles, videos or podcasts provided for their quality out of 5, based on writing quality, production values, and entertainment value.

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