Three new categories added to 2018 ACS IT Journalism Awards

This year’s ACS IT Journalism Awards will introduce three new awards, which will respectively recognise investigative journalism, corporate content and the pioneering efforts of Australia’s IT journalism vanguard.

The awards which are organised by MediaConnect, and sponsored by the Australian Computer Society, Watterson Marketing Communication, NEC, Belkin and Hannover Fairs will be held on March 23 at Luna Park, in Sydney.

This year's presentation will debut the new ACS Award for Achievement in Investigative Journalism, which has been launched in conjunction with the Australian Computer Society, and comes with a $2,000 cash prize for the winner. The award will recognise a piece of journalism that demonstrates that it has gone beyond the surface a story, and dug into the underlying issues of a relevant technology topic.

Entries for the award must be more than 1,200 words or more for written pieces, or five or more minutes in length for audio and video content. Only one submission can be made per journalist or editorial team that produced the work, so choose your best wisely.

The Best Corporate Content has been introduced with two goals in mind, said MediaConnect CEO Phil Sim.

“Last year we had to make a number of decisions as to the eligibility of stories that were written as part of a sponsored arrangement, or specifically for a brand,”

“In introducing an award for corporate content it means, we can keep the traditional awards focused on content that is created independently, while also introducing a way to involve the many members of the IT Journalist fraternity - both past and present - who’s livelihood now involves writing corporate content.”

The corporate content award is for a single piece of work, and will recognise the individual contributor/s.

The deadline for both of these awards is Friday, February 23rd.

Finally, this year’s awards will recognise a member of the IT journalism community for their pioneering efforts in advancing or developing the technology media in Australia. The new award will be sponsored by Belkin.

“In many ways, each year’s IT journalism awards have provided a snapshot in time, of Australian technology journalism for the last decade and a half,” said Sim.

“We’d like the history of the awards to also recognise those who laid the foundations for today’s technology media, which we will do with a new award to be introduced this year.”

An inaugural recipient of this award has already been selected, with future awards to be selected via a nomination process, which will be considered by a panel.

The IT Journalism Awards are made possible by our kind sponsors!!