Winners from the 15th Annual ACS IT Journalism Awards

Claire Reilly and iTnews took home the Gold Lizzies on Friday at the 15th Annual ACS IT Journalism Awards.

This year’s awards would not have been possible without our event sponsor the Australian Computer Society, and silver sponsors Watterson Marketing Communications, NEC and Linksys.

CNET’s Claire Reilly was the big individual winner on the night, taking home a total of three awards including the Gold Lizzie for Best Journalist and the new Best Technology Issues Journalist award. IGN achieved great success with Lucy O’Brien’s win in the Best Gaming Journalist Category, as well as the overall Best Gaming Coverage prize. iTnews also took to the stage twice for the Best News Coverage and Best Title awards.

In contrast to previous years, there were no categories successfully defended by any one individual or publication, and every single category was awarded to a new winner. The Best Media Relations award also went to a gaming PR for the first time in Lizzies history, whilst Patrick Gray was named as the first ever Best Security Journalist.

The full list of winners in order of presentation:

Best Dressed Female: Hayley Williams
Best Dressed Male: Krishan Sharma

Alicia Camphuisen Best New Journalist
Larissa Bricis
HC: Elizabeth Barry, Hayley Williams

Best Gaming Journalist
Lucy O’Brien
HC: Mark Serrels, Richard Moss

Best Telecommunications Journalist
Max Mason
HC: Claire Reilly, Petroc Wilton

Best Security Journalist
Patrick Gray
HC: Claire Reilly, Darren Pauli

Best Technical Journalist
Nick Ross
HC: Petroc Wilton, Kenneth Tsang

Paul Zucker Best Technology Industry Journalist
David Swan
HC: Paul Smith

Best Columnist
Mark Serrels
HC: Claire Reilly, Chris Jager

Best Technology Issues Journalist
Claire Reilly
HC: Marc Fennell

Best Business Technology Coverage
HC: The Australian Financial Review, iTnews

John Costello Best Business Technology Journalist
Paul Smith
HC: Brad Howarth, Ry Crozier

Best News Coverage

Cass Warneminde Best News Journalist
Claire Reilly
HC: Allie Coyne, Rohan Pearce

Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist
Simon Sharwood
HC: Claire Reilly

Best Consumer Technology Coverage
The Australian
HC: CNET, Download This Show

Best Reviewer
Alex Kidman
HC: Leigh Stark, Trevor Long

Best Gaming Coverage

David Hellaby Best Media Relations Award
Bec Waddy
HC: Angela Coombes, Rebecca Blasina, David Wolf, Jenna Woods, Matthew Wu

Best Independent Coverage
HC: Progress Bar, Gloss

Best Journalist
Claire Reilly

Best Title

The IT Journalism Awards are made possible by our kind sponsors!!