Entries for the 20th Annual Samsung IT Journalism Awards have closed. 


Please be aware that MediaConnect only provides complimentary tickets to journalists who have entered the coverage, beat and journalism award categories. No free tickets can be extended to the entrants in the media relations categories.


We require the submission of up to four articles for titles and the Best Reviewer award, and three for individual awards.

All submissions must be published in the 2021 calendar year and should not exceed 9,000 words in total.


For instance, you can choose to enter three 3000 word articles or four 2250 word articles. This has been made to decrease the time it takes to judge the awards and to introduce a standard way to judge editorial quality across all categories.

For the Best Program Award, entrants may submit up to two items not exceeding one hour of total combined runtime, and content may also be edited into a highlights package.

Important: Audio and video outside of the new Best Program and Best Corporate Content categories should be limited to 15 minutes per item. 

The awards are split into five categories, and full descriptions and criteria are available below.
This year's awards are as follows:


Coverage Awards

The Coverage Awards aim to recognise editorial quality by a team of journalists working for a single masthead on a single beat. Must include the work of more than one journalist (excluding Best Independent, which is open to individual entries under a one person masthead)

  • Best News Coverage

  • Best Consumer Technology Coverage

  • Best Business Coverage

  • Best Gaming Coverage

  • Best Independent Coverage 


Beat Awards

The Beat Awards aim to recognise individual journalists who demonstrate the greatest skill in delivering content for a particular audience.

  • Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist

  • Paul Zucker Best Technology Industry Journalist

  • John Costello Best Business Journalist

  • Best Gaming Journalist

  • Best Telecommunications Journalist

  • Best Security Journalist

  • Best Technology Issues Journalist


Journalism Awards

The Journalism Awards aim to recognise journalists who excel in different forms of journalism.

  • Cass Warneminde Best News Journalist

  • Best Reviewer

  • Best Technical Journalist

  • Alicia Camphuisen Best New Journalist

  • Graeme Philipson Best Columnist

  • Best Program (new)



Media Relations Awards

The Media Relations Awards aims to recognise PR practitioners for their excellence in professionally handling media relations based on journalist's votes, and content creators who work outside the realm of traditional journalism.

  • David Hellaby Best Media Relations

  • Best Corporate Content



Gold Lizzies

The Gold Lizzies will recognise the single best journalist and title for the year of 2021.

  • Best Title

  • Best Journalist