Best Technical Journalist
Best Technical Journalist

The Best Technical Journalist award recognises the journalist who has best communicated technical subject matter to their audience, making it understandable and useful. This includes content that describes how technology or products work, or tutorial or how-to content that communicates how to use a product.

PLEASE NOTE: Reviews will not be accepted in this category.


How to Enter
Please submit three articles that do not exceed 6000 words in total via the Lizzies submission form.


Subject Matter: Judges will score the subject matter out of 10, based on originality, importance, general interest and usefulness.

Insight: Judges will score the articles for insight out of 10, based on accuracy, the value of the insights, the quality and relevance of the sources/opinions.

Content Quality: Judges will score the articles, videos or podcasts provided for their quality out of 5, based on writing quality, production values, and entertainment value.


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