• How to enter:
    Please submit up to three articles that do not exceed 9000 words in total via the Lizzies submission form.


  • Criteria:
    Subject Matter: Judges will score the subject matter out of 10, based on originality, importance, general interest and usefulness.

    Insight: Judges will score the article for insight out of 10, based on accuracy, the value of the insights, the quality and relevance of the sources/opinions.

    Content Quality: Judges will score the articles, videos or podcasts provided for their quality out of 5, based on writing quality, production values, and entertainment value.


  • Important:  Podcasts and videos are no longer permitted outside of the new Best Program and Best Corporate Content categories, except in the form of excerpts no longer than 5 minutes. For example, an individual award entry may consist of two articles and a five-minute audio or video excerpt. This is to ensure a level playing field between written and audio/video content.

    Journalism Awards Descriptions below.

Best News Journalist

The Cass Warneminde Best News Journalist award recognises the journalist who broke the most significant news stories related to the Australian IT industry in 2013. This award is judged based on the submission of 3 news stories.

Best Reviewer​

The Best Reviewer award recognises the journalist who makes the best use of the review format to review, rate and analyse product merits.

PLEASE NOTE: Gaming reviews are permitted for the Best Reviewer category starting with this year's awards. 

Best Technical Journalist​


The Best Technical Journalist award recognises the journalist who has best communicated technical subject matter to their audience, making it understandable and useful. This includes content that describes how technology or products work, or tutorial or how-to content that communicates how to use a product.

PLEASE NOTE: Reviews will not be accepted in this category.

Best New Journalist

The Alicia Camphuisen Best New Journalist award recognises the best newcomer to technology journalism. This award is open to journalists who began writing about technology after January 1, 2016 and who have no more than 3 years' experience as a professional journalist.

Graeme Philipson Best Columnist​

The Best Columnist award recognises the journalist who makes best use of the opinion format to communicate his or her ideas, thoughts and opinions via a column or blog.

Best Program

The Best Program award recognises the journalist or team who produces the best video or podcast content covering either business or consumer technology. 

(For this new award, entrants may submit up to two items not exceeding one hour of total combined runtime, and content may also be edited into a highlights package)