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Best Media Relations

The David Hellaby Best Media Relations award recognises PR professionals who have demonstrated an understanding of how they can most effectively work with the IT media. This is a “journalist choice” award, and is based on votes provided by journalists who are asked to nominate three PR professionals based on their interactions during the previous year.

Nominations are based on the following criteria:
1. Their understanding of the journalist's publication, audience and information requirements, via the pitching of relevant, useful and interesting story leads;
2. Their understanding of the journalist's workflows and deadlines, via effective and non-invasive interactions;
3. Their record in responding promptly, efficiently and fairly to journalists enquiries and requests
4. Their record in thinking creatively to attract journalist's attention and enhance the journalist/PR interaction;
5. Ethical conduct.

Commendations will be awarded to:
1. Highest scoring in-house PR professional.
2. Highest scoring boutique agency PR professional (Less than 5 employees).
3. Highest scoring large agency PR professional.

These commendations will be awarded where the winner is not the overall winner or Highly Commended.


Best Corporate Content


The Best Corporate Content award recognises the individual or individuals who have created the best sponsored content, specifically for a particular company or brand.

How to enter:

1. Submit one example of work which does not exceed 6000 words in total.

2. Optional supporting arguments, helping the judge to understand the impact or success of the submitted work.



Subject Matter: Judges will score the subject matter out of 10, based on originality, importance, general interest and usefulness.

Insight: Judges will score the articles for insight out of 10, based on accuracy, the value of the insights, the quality and relevance of the sources/opinions.

Content Quality:
Judges will score the articles, videos or podcasts provided for their quality out of 5, based on writing quality, production values, and entertainment value.

Best corporate content
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