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David Braue and The Fin take out Gold Lizzies

L-R; Paul Smith and Jessica Sier from The Australian Financial Review

David Braue and The Australian Financial Review have taken out the Best Journalist and Best Title categories respectively at the 2021 Samsung Australia IT Journalism Awards.

Held on Tuesday 14 December at Luna Park in front of a crowd of more than 300 people, Braue also collected the Best Technical Journalist and Best Corporate Content awards, while The Fin scooped up Best Business Coverage.

Accepting his awards virtually, Braue reminisced on his decades in the industry, thanking everyone he’d worked with over the years.

“I really want to take another opportunity to thank everybody. What can I say? I wake up everyday and I just love what I’m doing. This is 26 years now I’ve been doing this. I’ve probably been writing about tech longer than some people in this room have been alive, which is frightening to me.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with everybody, with my amazing editors, and keeping me busy which is always great. It’s not a guaranteed thing but I like to think that my words are good enough that it keeps you guys coming back, so thank you.

“We’ve got so many amazing people and it’s my privilege to work alongside you and to really cover this really important beat. So thank you, thank you, thank you,” said Braue.

Appearing on stage for The Australian Financial Review were Paul Smith and Jessica Sier, with Smith recognising the hard work of the team and paying tribute to the industry.

“Thank you very much, this is actually a real honour. So many good titles, so much good journalism done in a year. It’s really, really gratifying for the work that we do to be recognised like this.

“It’s been a big year for tech news. I’ve said it for many years now, it’s the best beat you can have on a newspaper like the Financial Review, when you can see your colleagues across all the different sectors and we can write stories about every industry, every facet of life and just make it about tech because tech is everywhere,” Smith said.

A full list of winners is below:

  • Alicia Camphuisen Best New Journalist - Stephanie Panecasio

  • Highly Commended - Jini Maxwell

  • Best Gaming Journalist - Jini Maxwell

  • Highly Commended - James Parkinson

  • Best Telecommunications Journalist - Paul Smith

  • Highly Commended - Josh Taylor, Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson

  • Best Security Journalist - Brett Winterford

  • Highly Commended - David Braue, Patrick Gray

  • Best Technical Journalist - David Braue

  • Highly Commended - Angharad Yeo, Krishan Sharma

  • Paul Zucker Best Technology Industry Journalist - Paul Smith

  • Highly Commended - Eleanor Dickinson, Yolanda Redrup

  • Graeme Philipson Best Columnist - Mark Pesce

  • Highly Commended - Paul Smith, Rae Johnston

  • Best Technology Issues Journalist - Daniel Van Boom

  • Highly Commended - David Swan, Jackson Ryan

  • Pioneer of IT Media - Graeme Philipson

  • Best Business Coverage - The Australian Financial Review

  • Highly Commended - iTnews and Which-50

  • John Costello Best Business Technology Journalist - Simon Sharwood

  • Highly Commended - David Braue, Jack Derwin, Tess Bennett

  • Best News Coverage - The Sydney Morning Herald

  • Highly Commended - iTnews, The Australian Financial Review

  • Cass Warneminde Best News Journalist - Rohan Pearce

  • Highly Commended - Justin Hendry, Ry Crozier

  • Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist - Josh Taylor

  • Highly Commended - David Braue, Jackson Ryan

  • Best Consumer Technology Coverage - Gizmodo

  • Highly Commended - CNET Australia

  • Best Reviewer - Tegan Jones

  • Highly Commended - Alex Choros, Chris Griffith

  • Best Gaming Coverage - Gameplay

  • Highly Commended - CNET Australia, Good Game Spawn Point

  • David Hellaby Best Media Relations - David Wolf

  • Highly Commended - Doug Johns, Salvatore Di Muccio

  • Best Corporate Content - David Braue

  • Highly Commended - Chantelle Schmidt, Storyation, Which-50

  • Best Independent Media - Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News

  • Highly Commended - Redaktor

  • Best Journalist - David Braue

  • Best Title - The Australian Financial Review

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