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Samsung Announced as Name Sponsor for the Australian IT Journalism Awards

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Samsung Australia has today confirmed their involvement as official Name Sponsor of the Samsung IT Journalism Awards (the Lizzies).

Joining Watterson Communications, Enex Testlab, and Amazon Web Services, Samsung are helping to ensure Australia's only peer-reviewed journalism awards night continues to grow each year.

Josh Grace, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Australia: "Samsung has been a part of Australian life for over 30 years now. Throughout that time, we have worked directly with many of the media professionals in this industry. A strong and independent voice, acting on behalf of the consumer, is critical in today’s world. Especially as technology reshapes the way we live. It only makes sense that on your 20th anniversary, we are here again to support and recognise your hard work. Best wishes to all involved."

MediaConnect CEO Phil Sim said it was a delight to partner once more with Samsung, in order to recognise the best Australian technology journalism and media.  "Samsung is an iconic technology brand, that truly understands the value the Australian IT media sector brings through their independent and thoughtful coverage and commentary of the technology sector," he said.

"MediaConnect turns twenty in 2020 and having Samsung return as the IT Journalism Award's naming rights sponsor, is a fantastic way to start this milestone year."

We look forward to working with Samsung to deliver a memorable night.

To find out more about securing your support for the Australian Samsung IT Journalism Awards, please contact Commercial Director Mike Woodcock. For updates on ticketing and table availability, please contact COO Craig Daveson, or click here.

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