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Best Dressed Female: Alexandra Heber
Best Dressed Male: Nic Healey

Best Audio Program
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Highly Commended: A Short History of Video Games

Best Video Program
Good Game

Highly Commended: Player Attack

Best Gaming Journalist
Mark Serrels

Highly Commended: Daniel Hindes, Lucy O’Brien

Best Gaming Coverage

Highly Commended: Good Game

Best Columnist
Angus Kidman

Highly Commended: Chris Duckett

Best Technology Industry Journalist
Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Highly Commended: Steven Kiernan

John Costello Best Business Technology Journalist
Allie Coyne

Highly Commended: Hannah Francis, Paul Smith

Best Technical Journalist
Darren Yates

Highly Commended: Petroc Wilton

Best Personal Technology Coverage

Highly Commended: CNET

Best Reviewer
Darren Yates

Highly Commended: Alex Kidman, David Braue

Best Magazine

Highly Commended: CHOICE Computer

Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist
Michelle Starr

Highly Commended: Angus Kidman

Cass Warneminde Best News Journalist
Claire Reilly

Best News Coverage

Best Business Coverage
The Australian Financial Review

Highly Commended: Startup Daily, Sydney Morning Herald


Best Website

Highly Commended: Gizmodo, Startup Daily

Alicia Camphuisen Best New Journalist
Tony Yoo

Highly Commended: Rose Powell

David Hellaby Best Media Relations
Matthew Wu, Edelman

Highly Commended: Shuna Boyd, Bec Waddy

Best Independent Media

Highly Commended: Reckoner

Best Telecommunications Journalist
Petroc Wilton

Best Journalist
Mark Serrels

Best Title
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2015 Optus IT Journalism Awards

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