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2020 Samsung IT Journalism Awards

Watterson Marketing Communications Best Dressed Awards
Amanda Yeo, Nic Healey

Alicia Camphuisen Best New Journalist

Joseph Brookes

Highly Commended - Athina Mallis, Natasha Gillezeau


Best Gaming Journalist

David Rayfield

Highly Commended - Amanda Yeo


Best Telecommunications Journalist

Paul Smith

Highly Commended - Ry Crozier


Best Security Journalist

Rohan Pearce

Highly Commended - Jeremy Kirk and David Braue


Best Technical Journalist

Jackson Ryan

Highly Commended - Adam Turner


Paul Zucker Best Tech Industry Journalist

Yolanda Redrup

Highly Commended - Paul Smith


Best Columnist

Chris Griffith

Highly Commended - Jackson Ryan, Alice Clarke


Best Technology Issues Journalist

Paul Smith

Highly Commended - Joseph Brookes and Chris Griffith


Pioneer of IT Media

Beverley Head


Best Business Technology Coverage

The Australian Financial Review

Highly Commended - The Australian, iTnews and CRN


John Costello Best Business Technology Journalist

Paul Smith

Highly Commended - Tess Bennett

Best News Coverage


Highly Commended - Which-50


Cass Warneminde Best News Journalist

Julian Bajkowski

Highly Commended - Ariel Bogle


Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist

Alice Clarke

Highly Commended - Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson


Best Consumer Technology Coverage

The Sydney Morning Herald

Highly Commended - The Australian Financial Review


Best Reviewer

Angus Kidman

Highly Commended - Alex Kidman, Amanda Yeo and Luke Reilly


Best Gaming Coverage


Highly Commended - IGN Australia and Junkee


David Hellaby Best Media Relations Award

Harrison Polites


Best Corporate Content


Highly Commended - Brad Howarth, Alex Walker and Matt Hopkins


Best Independent Media

Super Jump

Highly Commended - Tech Guide, Pickr and The Wrap


Best Journalist

Paul Smith


Best Title


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