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David Swan and ABC News take home Lizzies gold

As the curtains close on the 2024 Samsung Australian IT Journalism Awards, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald’s David Swan and ABC News have taken home the gold Lizzies, taking home Best Journalist and Best Title respectively. 

This was the third win for both parties. David Swan also scored the trophy for Best Technology Journalist and Best Telecommunications Journalist with a highly commended in the Best Technology Issues category. Meanwhile, ABC News took home Best Gaming Coverage and Best News Coverage in addition to their Best Title win. 

Other notable winners include Ariel Bogle and David Braue each taking home two trophies. 

Alicia Camphuisen Best New Journalist

Petra Stock

HC: Emily Spindler-Carruthers 

Best Security Journalist

David Swan

HC: Patrick Gray


Best Technical Journalist

David Braue

HC: Jeremy Nadel


Best Gaming Journalist

Fergus Halliday

HC: Daniel Van Boom


Best Gaming Coverage

ABC News

HC: GamesHub


Paul Zucker Best Technology Industry Journalist

Jessica Sier

HC: Nick Bonyhady


Best Game Reviewer

Edmond Tran

HC: Amanda Yeo


Best Technology Reviewer

John Davidson

HC: Alex Kidman


Best Technology Issues Journalist

Ariel Bogle

HC: David Swan, Julian Fell


Pioneer of IT Media

Len Rust


Best Short Form Content

Tobias Venus

HC: Cam Wilson


John Costello Best Business Technology Journalist

Justin Hendry

HC: Paul Smith


Best Business Coverage

The Australian Financial Review

HC: Mi-3


Best Consumer Technology Coverage

The Age & Sydney Morning Herald

HC: SmartCompany, Canstar Blue


Best News Coverage

ABC News Story Lab

HC: The Age & Sydney Morning Herald


Graeme Philipson Best Columnist

Jackson Ryan

HC: Paul Smith


Cass Warneminde Best News Journalist

Ariel Bogle

HC: Andrew Birmingham, Joseph Brookes, David Braue


Best Independent Media

Checkpoint Gaming

HC: The Martech Weekly, Player2


Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist

Alex Kidman

HC: Fergus Halliday


Best Audio Program

Risky Business

HC: Download This Show, Debunks


Best Video Program


HC: Tobias Venus


Best Telecommunications Journalist

David Swan

HC: Paul Smith


David Hellaby Best Media Relations

Salvatore Di Muccio

HC: Angela 


Best Corporate Content

David Braue

HC: Huntley Mitchell


Best Journalist

David Swan


Best Title


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