• How to enter:
    Please submit four articles that do not exceed 9000 words in total via the Lizzies submission form.


  • Criteria:
    Subject Matter: Judges will score the subject matter out of 10, based on originality, importance, general interest and usefulness.

    Insight: Judges will score the article for insight out of 10, based on accuracy, the value of the insights, the quality and relevance of the sources/opinions.

    Content Quality: Judges will score the articles, videos or podcasts provided for their quality out of 5, based on writing quality, production values, and entertainment value.


  • Coverage Awards Descriptions:

Best News Coverage

The Best News Coverage award recognises the title that has broken the most significant news stories in the Australian IT industry. Previously known as the Best News Title, the Best News Coverage award will be judged based on the submission of 4 news stories.

Best Consumer Technology Coverage

The Best Consumer Technology Coverage award recognises the title that has delivered the best content about consumer technology (including PCs, gadgets, Internet, lifestyle and consumer electronics) for consumers.

Best Business Coverage

The Best Business Coverage awards the team whose writing is the most effective in meeting the information needs of business readers. This includes IT Managers and professionals, as well as IT industry readers; i.e. channel, investors. The category is judged on the basis of BUSINESS value and impact.


Best Gaming Coverage

The Best Gaming Coverage award recognises the title that has delivered the best content about gaming for gaming consumers and/or the gaming industry.

Best Independent Coverage

The Best Independent Coverage award will recognise the best writing of coverage created by a non-commercial or semi-professional content creator.

To qualify for this category you should:

- Not work, or have recently worked, as a professional technology journalist or analyst.

- The work submitted should not have first appeared in a commercial outlet (a commercial outlet is defined as an outlet generating enough income to support multiple full-time staff). An article that was originally blogged, but was then re-run on a commercial site is acceptable.

This award can be entered by either a single individual or a website/outlet.  It may include any form of content, including blogs, reviews, news, video or audio.