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2018 ACS IT Journalism Awards winners

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Paul Smith and Which-50 took home the Gold Lizzies on Friday at the 2018 ACS IT Journalism Awards.

This year’s awards would not have been possible without our Gold sponsor the Australian Computer Society, and Silver sponsors Watterson Marketing Communications, CeBIT Australia, NEC and Belkin.

For his Best Business Technology Journalist award, as well as ranking highly commended in multiple categories, Paul Smith claimed the Best Journalist gong on the night. Which-50 also scored big by taking home Best Business Technology Coverage, as well as the Best Title award.

For the very first ACS Award for Achievement in Investigative Journalism, Paul Farrell was recognised for his ‘Medicare Machine’ report at The Guardian, receiving a $2,000 cash prize.

iTnews won gongs for Allie Coyne, who was awarded Best Security Journalist, as well as taking home Best News Coverage.

The original Gadget Guy, Peter Blasina was recognised with the presentation of the very first Pioneer of IT Media award, which was created to celebrate the hard work of IT media’s trailblazing pioneers. The newly minted Best Corporate Content prize also went to Ogilvy’s Brian Corrigan.

MediaConnect would also like to thank all of this year’s entrants, finalists and attendees for making the night a success.

The full list of winners in order of presentation:

Best Dressed Female: Claire Reilly Best Dressed Male: Alex Kidman

Alicia Camphuisen Best New Journalist Nico Arboleda HC: Julian Rizzo-Smith, Daniel Crowd, Justin Hendry

Best Gaming Journalist David Milner HC: Tim Colwill, Lucy O'Brien

Best Telecommunications Journalist Ry Crozier HC: Leon Spencer, Petroc Wilton

Best Security Journalist Allie Coyne HC: Patrick Gray

Best Technical Journalist David Braue HC: Patrick Gray

Paul Zucker Best Technology Industry Journalist Brad Howarth HC: Paul Smith

Best Columnist Mark Pesce HC: Krishan Sharma

Best Technology Issues Journalist Claire Reilly HC: Paul Smith

Best Business Technology Coverage Which-50 HC: CRN

John Costello Best Business Technology Journalist Paul Smith HC: Chris Griffith

Cass Warneminde Best News Journalist Anthony Klan HC: Chris Pash

Best News Coverage iTnews HC:

Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist Seamus Byrne HC: Kristofor Lawson, Asha McLean

Best Consumer Technology Coverage ZDNet HC: The Today Show - Channel 9,  Fairfax Media

Best Reviewer Djuro Sen HC: Krishan Sharma, Alex Choros, Daniel Van Boom

Best Gaming Coverage IGN Australia HC: Game Informer

Pioneer of IT Media Peter Blasina

ACS Award for Achievement in Investigative Journalism Paul Farrell

Best Corporate Content Brian Corrigan HC: Alex Walker

David Hellaby Best Media Relations Award David Wolf, Closer Communciations HC: Matthew Wu, Telstra

Best Independent Media Moonshot Podcast HC: Ausdroid Media, Vooks

Best Journalist Paul Smith

Best Title Which-50

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