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Enex TestLab to Sponsor 2020 IT Journalism Awards Afterparty

Enex TestLab to Sponsor 2020 IT Journalism Awards Afterparty

The IT Journalism Awards are proud to announce Enex TestLab have expanded their involvement in the annual event, becoming our first official partner of the Lizzies Afterparty.

The Afterparty is held each year immediately after the IT Journalism Awards, at the neighbouring Deck Bar. After the formalities of the Awards Ceremony are over, the Afterparty has always proved to be a popular and welcome way to unwind after the evening.

'We know the importance of the event to the IT journalism community, and so Enex TestLab are pleased to continue their support of the IT Journalism Awards. We look forward to all the submissions, and a fantastic evening next March.' - Kathryn Tebbatt, Chief Business Officer Enex TestLab.

MediaConnect will also be announcing the opening of submissions for the 2020 Awards evening later this week.

The awards themselves will be held at Luna Park’s Crystal Ballroom on March 20th 2020. For enquiries about participation or support please contact MediaConnect on (02) 9894 6277.

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